Dublin Theatre Festival

Far Cry Productions, Dublin Theatre Festival Productions

James X

Incorporating the Safe House Safe Place project by Gerard Mannix Flynn

Venue Liberty Hall Theatre
Date 29 Sep - 3 Oct 20:00
3 Oct 16:00

Performed by Gerard Mannix Flynn

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James X

Using a mix of visual art, text, theatre and direct human encounter Safe House, Safe Place brings under one roof a dual story, which has been concealed for decades – that of an individual and of the state which abandoned him to a ruthless system of neglect and abuse. James X is not a victim, but a human being, like any other, attempting with humour and integrity to come to terms with the reality of his life.

Part installation, part exhibition, part performance, Safe House, Safe Place is a record of systematic cruelty and indifference carried out in our name and a call to each of us to admit and accept a past which has played a crucial role in forming modern Ireland. The exhibition will be open to the public, free of charge, on a daily basis. Those also attending performances of James X will experience the powerful reenactment of many of the documents on display.

James X received the Best New Play Award earlier this year at the Irish Times / ESB Irish Theatre Awards.

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