Dublin Theatre Festival

Jan Lauwers and Needcompany

No Comment

By Josse De Pauw, Charles L. Mee and Jan Lauwers

Venue Samuel Beckett Theatre
Date 28 Sep - 1 Oct 20:00
2 Oct 18:00
Duration 95 mins

Performed by Grace Ellen Barkey, Anneke Bonnema (replaces Carlotta Sagna), Tijen Lawton, Viviane De Muynck
Choreography by Tijen Lawton and Jan Lauwers

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No Comment.jpg

No Comment is the powerful production from the versatile Belgian artist and founder of the legendary Needcompany, Jan Lauwers. Needcompany emerged in the mid-1980's as part of the burst of Flemish performance energy that has lit up the worlds of dance and theatre over the past two decades.

No Comment takes its title from the TV programme on Euronews, which broadcasts footage without sound. It focuses on the fate of four women who look back at lives marked by radical choices, violence, transgression and desire. New solo works were written for four of Needcompany's most iconic female performers. There is The Tea Drinker, (by Josse De Pauw) a mellifluous and exotic Bali dancer; Salome, (by Charles L. Mee) who talks openly about the orgies that wreaked death and destruction; the terrorist Meinhof in Ulrike, (by Jan Lauwers) who is haunted by questions about the effect of her actions; and a new dance solo by Tijen Lawton performed to a multi-layered score by six composers. A detached, unsparing stocktaking of four lives filled with violence, love, death and eroticism.

Supported by the Flemish Community

Performed in English

This production contains scenes which some may find disturbing

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