Dublin Theatre Festival

Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Edinburgh International Festival
United Kingdom


By William Shakespeare

Venue Olympia Theatre

Directed by Calixto Bieito
Dramaturgy by Xavier Zuber
Designed by Ariane Isabell Unfried and Rifail Ajdarpasic
Lighting designed by 
Rick Fisher
Assistant Direction by Carlos Wagner
Cast includes Nicholas Aaron, George Anton, George Costigan, Karl Daymond, Diane Fletcher, Rupert Frazer, Rachel Pickup, Matthew Douglas, Lex Shrapnel

Proudly supported by

The British Council

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A new head of state; bribery and betrayal rule the court; a plan to overthrow the King. Meanwhile, young Hamlet grieves the loss of his father, and battles with his conscience: to take revenge or to embrace the corrupt court?

Spanish director Calixto Bieito is one of the most talked-about and sought-after figures working in theatre and opera today. His innovative productions have had an enormous impact; sometimes tender and lyrical, sometimes shocking, they always offer new insights into classic texts. Whilst the violence and rawness of his work have been highly controversial, most recently with his opera productions at English National Opera, his productions retain a great capacity for forgiveness and redemption.

This production for the Edinburgh International Festival reunites Bieito with Scottish actor George Anton, with whom he collaborated so successfully in his production of Life is a Dream.

"a gripping, intelligent and totally coherent re-imagining of Shakespeare's play"
The Guardian on Calixto Bieito's production of Macbeth

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