Dublin Theatre Festival

Teatret Gruppe 38 and Carte Blanche

A True Tall Tale

Created by Sara Topse-Jensen, Bodil Alling, Soren Sondberg, Kim Glud, Soren la Cour, Lars K. Olesen

Venue Banquet Hall at Smock Alley Theatre
Date 10 Oct - 13 Oct 
Duration 50 mins

Co-written by Li Have Lehmann
Costumes Betina Moller

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Every Christmas night the Goringe Forest is transformed into a blossoming summer garden. Or at least that is what the old robber-wife tells the Abbot Hans.

On an icy winter's day he and his apprentice Johannes set off deep into the trees to witness this great miracle. But as they continue on their journey the comrades discover that the Goinge forest is not just a place of beauty. It is filled with fairy tales, robbers and thieves, lying-in-wait for unwelcome guests...

Very freely adapted from Selma Lagerlof's "The Legend of the Christmas Rose", A True Tall Tale is a beautifully told bedtime story from one of Denmark's most highly regarded children's theatre companies. Having captivated children and adults alike with their presentation of A Sonatina in the 2011 festival, Teatret Gruppe 38 and Carte Blanche present this special new tale of adventure and exploration.

Recommended for ages 8+

"...a celestial ceiling with wonderful projections from the most beautiful garden in the world. Strange and moving." TEATERAVISEN
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