Dublin Theatre Festival

Ant Hampton and Britt Hatzius
UK and Germany

This Is Not My Voice Speaking

A collaboration between Ant Hampton and Britt Hatzius

Venue Temple Bar Gallery & Studios
Date 30 Sep - 12 Oct 
Duration 30 mins

Creative Producer Katja Timmerberg
With thanks to Mischa Twitchin, Edward Novill, Nina Wakeford

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This Is Not My Voice Speaking considers the phenomenon of recorded voices and images and asks how our relationship to them is changing as they shift to a more solid state.

The audience, re-named One and Zero, enter a room and find it filled with devices: a turntable, a slide projector, a 16mm film. To some they will be old friends, to others completely alien. Digital tourists in an analogue arcade, One and Zero are led through this interactive installation by a guide that alternates between human voice, written manual and recordable media.

In the pressing of a button, the dragging of a finger to slow a record and in the unsettled clatter of so many frames of film passing per second, the audience-performer will find themselves closer to the clumsiness and limitations of their own not-so-digital bodies.

Commissioned by Vooruit (Gent) for Almost Cinema 2011

"Clever, slickly choreographed and well executed" - The Irish Times
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