Dublin Theatre Festival


Ha Ha Ha

Devised and Performed by Xavier Bouvier and Benoit Devos

Venue The Ark, A Cultural Centre For Children
Date 6 Oct - 7 Oct 1.00pm
6 Oct - 7 Oct 4.00pm
Duration 60mins (no interval)

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Acclaimed clown duo Okidok delight young audiences with their improbable skits and impressive physical routines. A ball falls from the sky, a door opens into the great beyond;
the unusual and the inventive meet at every turn.

Their extravagant make-up and costume evoke the great tradition of Russian clowning, but they have their own inimitable style.

Performed all over the world, Ha Ha Ha has been turning audiences of all ages helpless with laughter for over ten years.

AGE 4+

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