Dublin Theatre Festival

Abhann Productions

The Well

Devised by Tony Mac Mahon and John Comiskey

Venue Vicar Street

Directed by John Comiskey
Designed by Alan Farquharson
Lighting by Joe Canavan
Executive Producer John McColgan
Performed by Fiona Davidson (Scotland) Harp, Ailean Dòmhnullach (Scotland) Pipes, Kevin Henry (Ireland) Flute, Tony Mac Mahon (Ireland) Accordion, Barbara MacDonald-Magone (US) Piano, Néillidh Mulligan (Ireland) Uillean Pipes, Róisin Ní Mhainín (Ireland) Dancer, John Pellerin (Canada) Fiddle, Sean-nós singers; Kathleen MacInnes (Scotland), Seán Mac Craith (Ireland)

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The Well

At the beginning of the 21st century, a need to re-establish continuity with the past in order to make sense of the future has led to an unprecedented fascination with the deep wells of ancient Celtic music, poetry and spirituality.

The Well is a unique marriage of music, song, dance, poetry, charms and prayer performed by a company of traditional artists from Scotland, Ireland, Canada and the US.

Each has an authentic story to tell, whether in instrumental performance, singing in English, Irish, or Scottish Gaelic, or in the dramatic recitation of texts from the past. These are woven together in a production which ranges from the delicate beauty of verse to the rousing beat of a session.

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