Dublin Theatre Festival

Shona Reppe

Potato Needs a Bath

Directed & performed by Shona Reppe

Venue The Ark, A Cultural Centre For Children
Date 12 Oct 10.15am
12 Oct 12.15pm
13 Oct - 14 Oct 2.00pm
13 Oct - 14 Oct 4.00pm
Duration 35mins

Co-directed by Andy Manley

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Potato has mud on his face.
Potato has mud in his ears.
Potato needs a bath (just don’t get soap in his eyes!)

There is going to be a party and everyone is ready - except Potato. Onion is practicing his guitar, Aubergine is wearing her new necklace and Peach is bouncing on the bed with excitement.

Potato needs a bath - but he has other ideas - because Potato loves mud!

A gentle and light-hearted new show for young children featuring fruit, vegetables and original music.

AGE: 3-5  

"Shona Reppe's ingenious stage set and magnetic narration are more than enough to keep a roomful of preschoolers rapt with attention" TimeOut, New York
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