Dublin Theatre Festival

Societas Raffaello Sanzio


Original music by Scott Gibbons

Venue OReilly Theatre, Belvedere

Vocal score and dramatic rhythm by Chiara Guidi
Choreography by Claudia Castellucci

Proudly supported by

'Genesi' Proudly supported by<br><br>Istituto Italiano di Cultura

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Over the past three years, Romeo Castellucci has provoked outrage and acclaim in equal measure in festivals throughout Europe - and indeed in Dublin, where his version of Julius Caesar at the 1998 festival left audiences stunned and arguing late into the night. His productions are darkly beautiful and deeply disturbing barrages of images that challenge the very boundaries of what constitutes theatre.

We were limited to two performances in a small venue when we presented Julius Caesar; this year we are bringing Castellucci's latest production, Genesi , to a larger audience and asking you to decide for yourselves.

Genesi consists of three acts, which represent different focal moments of creation and destruction and merge the Bible with human history. 'At the Beginning' links Adam and Eve with Madame Curie; the second chapter, 'Auschwitz', is Castellucci's meditation on “the greatest negation of Genesis that humankind ever experienced”; and the final section focuses on 'Abel and Cain' — the world's first murder.

This production contains scenes that are not suitable for children and which some people may find disturbing.

Performed in Italian

“Romeo Castellucci is a genuine visionary, the big name for the next century.”

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