Dublin Theatre Festival

Carte Blanche


Directed by Sara Topsøe-Jensen and Clare Butler

Venue Banquet Hall at Smock Alley Theatre
Date 6 Oct - 7 Oct 10.00am
6 Oct - 7 Oct 12.15pm
8 Oct 12.00pm
8 Oct 3.00pm
Duration 1hr 30mins(no interval)

Cast Sara Topsøe-Jensen, Cindy Rudel, Dorte Persson, Kristina Murdin, Karsten Nisbeth and Connie Tronbjerg

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Kaledjoskop L

Welcome to a never-ending world of wonder: a chamber of curiosities where nature, science and poetry meet in a mysterious kaleidoscopic maze. Follow your guide through an exotic labyrinth, crawling through narrow tunnels and crooked doors, where the imagination can run free and curiosity is awakened. An expedition of the unexpected, where questions arise and answers disappear…

The Festival is delighted to welcome back Carte Blanche after entrancing Dublin in 2008 with the charming The Attic Under the Sky. This ground-breaking show is one like no other and will be an experience you will never forget!

Age 8+


"...harnesses the joy and wonder of sensory experience." The Irish Times

"Pure theatre magic. A magnificent piece". Flensborg Avis