Dublin Theatre Festival

Studio ORKA


Conceived by Phillipe Van de Velde, Martin Decroos, Katrien Pierlet, Dominique Van Malder, Jo Jochems, Cecilia De Mulder and Emmanuelle Schotsaert

Venue No.11 North Great George's Street
Date 30 Sep 12.15pm
30 Sep 6.00pm
1 Oct - 2 Oct 1.00pm
1 Oct - 2 Oct 4.00pm
Duration 1hr (no interval)

Cast Dominique Van Malder, Jo Jochems, Katrien Pierlet, Cecilia De Mulder and Emmanuelle Schotsaert

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Berninna L

Long ago in the depths of Siberia, Berninna was a world famous pianist who made hearts beat faster and ice caps melt everywhere she played.

 Now her fame is gone and she spends her days in a musty old house filled with mothballs and dusty trophies. Preparations begin for her birthday and celebrations beckon,but not everything is what it seems. Berninna hides a secret, deep between her crow’s feet.

 After thrilling audiences in last year’s Festival with the captivating Lava, Berninna is a story told with dancing lampshades, lost mice and singing ghosts, and shows how we can find the courage to start all over again and let go of the past.


Age 8+


PANEL DISCUSSION Access all Areas: Oct 15, 12pm. Project Arts Centre. See Special Events.

"a celebration of detail is exactly what distinguishes Studio ORKA's work from the average... marvellous" De Standaard
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