Dublin Theatre Festival


Othello C'est Qui

By Gintersdorfer/Klaßen

Venue Smock Alley Theatre
Date 7 Oct - 8 Oct 9.30pm
9 Oct 2.00pm
Duration 1hr 10mins (no interval)

Cast Cornelia Dörr and Franck Edmond Yao

Proudly supported by

'Othello C'est Qui' Proudly supported by<br><br>A Goethe Institut 50 Years
'Othello C'est Qui' Proudly supported by<br><br>Federal Foreign Office

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Othello L

Amongst the few roles for black actors in the western world, the character of Othello remains the most celebrated. Yet Shakespeare’s famous moor is not widely known in Africa.
Across this cultural divide, Ivory Coast-born performer Franck Edmond Yao and German actress Cornelia Dörr now collide.

Sharp, political and sensual, Othello c’est qui (Othello who’s that) plays with the ordinary and the trivial clichés surrounding Othello and Desdemona but gradually develops into a tough confrontation between two cultures marked by extreme emotions, prejudices, misunderstandings and contrasts.

A mischievous but hard-hitting exchange, this frank and very human production won first prize at the 2009 Theatre Festival IMPULSE, and has charmed and stimulated audiences across Europe ever since.

Performed in English and French.

PANEL DISCUSSIONS  The Radical Mind: Oct 8, 1pm. Goethe Institut. More Berlin than Boston? Oct1, 1pm. Project Arts Centre. For more information, see Special Events.

"The most significant production at this year's Theatretreffen - a slick, clever production" Die Zeit