Dublin Theatre Festival

Teater Refleksion and De Rode Heste

Goodbye Mr. Muffin
Venue The Ark, A Cultural Centre For Children
Date 11 Oct - 13 Oct 6.00pm
12 Oct - 13 Oct 12.15pm
Duration 50mins

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The Festival is delighted to welcome Mr. Muffin after he got lost on the high seas somewhere between Ireland and Japan on the way to the 2009 Festival!

Once Mr. Muffin was young, strong and proud, but now is old, grey and tired. He sits alone in his house reminiscing about the good times, and sometimes about the not so good times. His kind and wise wife, his four little furry ones and his little house at the bottom of the garden.

Using puppetry, animation and music, Goodbye Mr. Muffin tells the charming and uplifting story about the last days in the life of a much loved guinea pig. It was awarded Best Children’s Theatre Performance 2005/06 by the Association of Danish Theatre Societies, and is sure to warm your heart.
  Age 6+

"***** Children's theatre at its best" The Scotsman
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