Dublin Theatre Festival


Lying Down

Concept and Direction Noël Fischer

Venue The Ark, A Cultural Centre For Children
Date 14 Oct - 15 Oct 12.15pm
14 Oct - 15 Oct 6.00pm
16 Oct - 17 Oct 2.00pm
16 Oct - 17 Oct 4.00pm
Duration 50mins

Cast includes Feike Looyen, Paméla Menzo and Charlene Schmeltz.
Music Jolle Roelofs

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When you’re lying on your back, the world looks, sounds and smells totally different…

Three cheeky sisters live in a magic house, a house where nothing is what it seems and sometimes the most unlikely things come alive! Lying Down is about small fears, big dreams and the power of imagination. An enchanting, thrilling fairytale for everyone who loves exciting bedtime stories, wild goodnight songs and a little magic in their life.

Lie flat on your back, doze off with your eyes open and let your dreams carry you away with this deliciously lazy show.
The Ark will have a big bed of mattresses so children can watch this show sitting up or lying down!   

Age 5+

There is no Video for this show