Dublin Theatre Festival

Studio ORKA


Concept by Studio Orka

Venue Dubh Linn Garden, Dublin Castle
Date 17 Oct 12.00pm
17 Oct 3.00pm
17 Oct 5.00pm
Duration 55mins

Cast Ilse De Koe, Brenda Bertin and Dominique Van Malder.

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Two soil investigators discover something quite wonderful while constructing a subterranean car park deep under Dublin castle. Fifteen metres into the ground, they suddenly hear strange, inexplicable sounds. Scratchy, creaky noises, hushed murmurings, snippets of piano music.

Using fibre-optic cameras, they soon have proof that somewhere beneath the earths’ crust, amongst the moles and worms, something (or someone?) is ALIVE! The award-winning Studio ORKA invites you on a unique journey into a special world somewhere between reality and imagination.

 Please note that this performance is site-specific and staged outdoors in a purpose-built wooden tent – appropriate dress recommended.

Age 6+

Please note a change from the published time and dates for this performance due to a delay in freight 

The venue is Dubh Linn Garden, Dublin Castle. Enter by the Pedestrian Entrance of Dublin Castle on Palace St. off Dame St.

"A divine example of theatre played on location, for young and old... Unpretentious, honest and humoristic theatre." De Standaard
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