Dublin Theatre Festival

News From Nowhere/A Royal Court Theatre Production

The Author

By Tim Crouch

Venue Project Arts Centre
Date 12 Oct - 16 Oct 9.30pm
16 Oct 6.00pm
17 Oct 1.00pm
Duration 1hr 20mins

Directed by Karl James and a smith.
Music and sound Ben Ringham and Max Ringham.
Lighting Matt Drury
Cast Tim Crouch, Chris Goode, Vic Llewellyn and Esther Smith.

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“I have the choice to continue. I have the choice to stop”.

Settle back into the warmth of your seat. Relax as the story unfolds. For you. With you. Of you. A story of hope, violence, togetherness and exploitation. Laugh with the actors, tap your feet to the music, take a chocolate, turn to your neighbour. You’re here.

The Festival is delighted to welcome back Tim Crouch who captivated Dublin with his sell-out hit ENGLAND in 2008. Performed within its audience, it tells the story of another play: a shocking and abusive play written by a playwright called Tim Crouch who oversteps the line. The Author is a highly original and terrifyingly seductive journey into the horror of our mediated world.

Contains material that may be disturbing. Recommended for ages 18+.

TALKING THEATRE: Tim Crouch and members of the company. Oct 17, Post-show 2.20pm (approx.)

PANEL DISCUSSION: WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? Oct 16, 1pm-2.30pm, Project Arts Centre.


Review: The Irish Times, Peter Crawley ****, 14/10/10

Review: The Guardian, Lyn Gardner 30/09/09

"This is a dazzling theatrical experience that lets nobody off the hook, opening our eyes to what should be blindingly obvious: we all have a choice." The Guardian