Dublin Theatre Festival

Comic Souffle

Part 1: Nothing Adds Up In This Crazy World, Part 2: Verrucaphobia

By Tom O''''''''''''''''Brien

Venue 1992 Various Venues

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As part 1 of the Comic Souffle show, Richard Peas, private detective extraordinaire turned crime-writer makes a welcome returns to the Dublin stage. Nothing Adds Up In This Crazy World was published posthumously and had its world premiere in 1983. The stage version of Nothing Adds Up... was written  by Tom O'Brien now regarded as the major authority on the work of Peas. This ludicrious tale of blackmail kicks off with Dick Peas, prvate eye, slumped over his desk groaning under the weight of a bad case of haemorrhoids... baddies, servant men, and a scheming femme fatale are embroiled in the plot. Come along and you'll be laughing...if you're sensitive to gags about haemorrhoids you won't...or maybe you've got... Verrucaphobia (part 2) featuring civil servants on coffee break, while Detective Moyihan pounds his beat; we ask was there sex in Ireland?

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