Dublin Theatre Festival

The National Theatre


By Tom Murphy

Venue Abbey Theatre on the Peacock Stage

Directed by Patrick Mason
With actors from all five seasons productions

Proudly supported by

'Famine' Proudly supported by<br><br>Enterprise Energy Ireland (EEI)

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Blight strikes the potato crop in the village of Glanconor and politics and the victims themselves join with nature to ensure the magnitude of the catastrophe.

Famine is an epic play based on the Great Famine of the 1840s which stopped the Irish race in its tracks. It is also a parable for our own times, dealing with racial memory and survival at a cost, a humanity which becomes warped and twisted.

The Abbey Theatre will be hosting a series of special events and initiatives during the Tom Murphy season. These will include a public interview with Tom Murphy conducted by Michael Billington, and a concert of music drawn from the plays of Tom Murphy.

There will be pre-show talks and panel discussions each night except Mondays. All events to be held in the Abbey and Peacock theatres are free of charge.

"The excellence of Mr Murphy's play does not, of course, derive from the fact that it expresses deeply humanitarian feelings...The distinctive feature of Famine is that it does not preach at all. It is an almost perfect parable that can speak for itself"
The Sunday Press

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