Dublin Theatre Festival



By Shaun Purcell

Venue St. Anthony's Little Theatre

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A powerfully passionate musical set in 19th century Ireland from the author of The Raven Ceckons. Aisling follows the private and public struggle of Donal Doherty, a pacifist poet, as he tries to cope with his frustration and helplesness, as he watches his rebel brother Dan break under the yoke of oppression and the family of Dan's girlfriend being cruelly evicted. It is an epic story of Ireland's past woven through one community unveiled through its hedge school, its wild exciting village elections, its boisterous rousing shebeens, evictions, amnesty, homecomings, prison and conflicts between peasants and polis. The music of Aisling is wide and varies from wild Irish traditional to modern jazz to romantic ballad. It voices are those of many memorable characters, Sir Candy the greedy landlord, Mrs.Brady the jovial shebeen owner, the fiery Dan, the wistful Sinead, the unfortunate Paddy the Lep, and Donal the romantic dreamer.

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