Dublin Theatre Festival

Very Special Arts Ireland

Slice of Life

By Tara Farrell and Niamh O'Dowd

Venue City Arts Centre

Directed by Emelie FitzGibbon
Design by Inge Van Doorslaer

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Written by young people for young people, Slice of Life is the award winning play of the 1993 Young Playwrights' Programme - a countrywide educational programme which encourages young people to investigate disability issues and invites themm to write plays on their experience and research. Elizabeth, unable to live up to others' expectations, withdraws from the world and denies her body the food it needs to survive. The adult world seems remote and alien and friends are unable to break through her self imposed cocoon. Slice of Life is an original and challenging investigation of the psychological causes of the disabling condition anorexia. Performances are accompanied by talks and workshops (approx. 30 minutes duration).

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