Dublin Theatre Festival

Graffiti Theatre Company

Fishy Tales

By Enda walsh

Venue City Arts Centre

Directed by Emelie FitzGibbon
Design by Inge Van Doorslaer
Costume Design by Deirdre Murphy
Set and Puppet Construction by Enda Walsh and Inge Van Doorslaer
Cast includes Myles Breen, Enda Walsh and Deirdre Murphy

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Th story of an arrogant little Prince who is being punished for his bad behaviour by being banished by the Royal Magician from the Kingdom He is set a riddle, the answer to which will provide him with knowledge and understanding he will need to mend his ways. We meet the Prince iinside the giant fish's belly as he recounts th eadventures he has experienced and the children he has met. On the way the children that the Prince meet, all of whom are represented by puppets, may have disabilities but display abilities that the Prince lacks as he searches for the solution to the Magician's riddle. In this humorous colourful and enchanting piece of  theatre for young audiences, we have the opportunity to learn that everybody is special. 

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