Dublin Theatre Festival

The Shanghai Taro Butou Koushi

A Nightmare for C. Darwin
Venue Samuel Beckett Theatre

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In a "touching dance/ pantomine" with music ranging from Janet Jackson to Japenese flute, this energetic troupe give a warm, humourous and energetic look at man's evolution. We are guided by Shanghai and ten dancers all the way up the evolutionary scale from amoeba to fish, through birds to men and then intriguingly all the way back down.

"It is a rare talent that can combine genuine respect for tradition with comedy, street dance and mime...they slide effortlessly from precise martial arts and gestures into funny-faced rap dance". THE GUARDIAN "a beautiful mime show...Fluid and charming, this is not the stylised Japanese performance of Kabuki and Noh...it is direct, accessible and brilliantly simple". THE INDEPENDENT
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