Dublin Theatre Festival

Dynamo Theatre Company

The Challenge

By Gilbert Dupuis

Venue Riverbank Theatre

Directed by Alain Fournier
Performed by Sylvette Boudreau, Lisa Carrier, Guillaume Chouinard, Yves Simard
Original Score by Alain Blais
Set and Costumes by Claude Goyette
Assistant Director and Lighting Design by Richard Desrochers

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Pushing themselves to the very limit of their capacities - as the level of risk increases so does their passion and their urgency to live. Games of balance and off-balance, of equilibrium and disequilibrium call upon every last bit of their imagination and flexibility these adolescents can muster as they play out this dance with danger - this dance with death. By giving free rein to highly nuanced musical scoring and heart-stopping acrobatic choreography the company succeeds in richly evoking the emotional complexities of adolescence.

"the newest, most layered, most astonishing thing on the theatrical scene" LA PRESSE, MONTREAL
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