Dublin Theatre Festival

Daghda Dance Company

For Company/ Territorial Claims

Choreography by Mary Nunan

Venue Project Arts Centre

Composition by Mike O'Mahony and Tommy Hayes

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The programme fearures two distinct dance theatre pieces each created to have a strong visual an dramatic impact. For Company revolves around a man, who fearing loneliness and sensing the possible non-existence of himself and everybody else calls up memories and reflections of birth and death and the time spent between. The dance portrays the changing rhythms and textures of the images which he brings to light and the different emotions which they evoke.

In Territorial Claims the traditional hornpipe, danced to the sound of a driving percussive score, becomes the medium through which the ferocity of ethnic, cultural and religious pride is channelled. Both works were devised by Mary Nunan an dchoreographed in collaboration with the performers, the composers and the set and costume designers. For Company, a cross-European project premiered in Barcelona and developed with the aid of Commmission of the European Communities Kaleidoscope.

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