Dublin Theatre Festival

Rough Magic Theatre Company

The Way if the World

By William Congreve

Venue Project Arts Centre

Directed by Lynne Parker
Design by Blaithin Sheerin
Lighting by John Comiskey
Cast includes Barbara Brennan, Jane Brennan, Anne Byrne, Miche Doherty, Peter Hanly, Andrea Irvine, Darragh Kelly, Michael McElhatton, Helene Montague, Gina Moxley, Martin Murphy and Mal Whyte.

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Closer to Sheridan, Wilde or Coward than to his contemporaries, Congreve (1670-1729) is master of the Comedy of Manners and The Way of the World is his best play. It is also his most modern. He sidesteps the usual stock characters to give us complex, capricious, but entirely believeable people who exercise their diamond-edged wit in a plot that would out-twist the most labrinthine detective novel. It is a portrai of a sex-pbsessed, money-grubbing, scandel-riddled world which in Rough Magic's 1930 setting will clearly and mercilessly hold up to the mirror to our own.

"Few companies set the stage ablaze quite like Rough Magic" TIME OUT
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