Dublin Theatre Festival

Second Age


By William Shakespeare

Venue Tivoli Theatre

Directed by Alan Stanford
Cast includes Johnny Lee Davenport, Owen Roe, Bill Golding, Simon O'Gorman, Jonathan White, Brian de Salvo, Michael Grennell, Niamh Linehan, Ann Kent and Barbara Griffin

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"Ethnic cleansing, tribal homelands, the King Hil, Kerwick and "X" court decisions help show that racial and gender oppression are as endemic and dangerous in modern society as they were when Shakespeare wrote Othello." Alan Stanford.

The latest in a series of acclaimed productions by Second Age, Shakespeare's classic is plared at the extreme frontiers of "civilised society". Set in a tent for both military rule and primitive hearth gods, through late 19th century colonialism, with chilling contemporary resonances, director Alan Stanford exposes the chemistry of race, prejudice and gender oppression which is at the core of the white city state.

"few who saw them will forget the clarity, style, and authority of Second Age's Hamlet and King Lear...Alan Stanford arguably the best director of the year for his Shakespearian work with Second Age..." DAVID NOWLAN, IRISH TIMES
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