Dublin Theatre Festival

The Mexican Hound

Katie Has Been Drowned

Written and Directed by Alex van Warmerdam

Venue Tivoli Theatre

Cast includes Olga Zuiderhoek, Aat Ceelen, Ariane Schulter and Alex van Warmerdam
Musicians include Joost Belinfante, Kees van der Vooreen, Eddie B. Wahr and Alex van Warmerdam

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Bizarre, claustrophobic, domestic pandemonium brings a family into comic conflict in the show which has become a huge cult success in Europe. Two parents locked in a love-less marraige are concerned with the growing sexuality of their 15 year old daughter. But Dad's also worried about the state of the garden. And hiring a gardener digs up some dirt from the past. A surrealist soap opera? A black comedy? A whodunnit? A country and western musical? Katie Has Been Drowned is all these things and more.

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