Dublin Theatre Festival


A Doll's House

By Henrick Ibsen

Venue Gate Theatre

Directed by Karel Reisz
Set Design by Assheton Gorton
Costume Design by Sue Yelland
Lighting Design by Rupert Murray
Music by Paddy Cunneen
Choreography by Geri O''''Kelly
Cast includes Niamh Cusack, Susan Fitzgerald, Ian McElhinney, Gerald McSorley, Timothy Walker and Joan Brosnan Walsh

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A Doll's House was written in Rome and Amalfi during the summer of 1879, and since its first performance in 1880, provoked extraordinary controversy wherever it was staged or read. Such was the shock of its suggestion - that a marraige was not sacrosanct, that a man's authority in his home should not go unchallenged, and that the prime duty of anyone was to find out who he or she really was and become that person - that the technical mastery of the piece has often gone unacknowledged. Not, however, by Erik Bogh, a contemporary critic who wrote in responce to the play's first performance: "It is long since any new play was awaited with such excitement, and even longer since any new play brought so much that is original to the stage, but it is beyond memory since a play so simple in its action and so everyday in its dress made such an impression of artistic mastery..."

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