Dublin Theatre Festival

Royal Shakespeare Company
Great Britain

The Winter's Tale

By William Shakespeare

Venue Gaiety Theatre

Directed by Adrian Noble
Design by Anthony Ward
Lighting by Chris Parry
Movement by Sue Lefton
Music by Shaun Davey
Sound by Paul Slocombe
Music Director Richard Brown
Assistant Director Piers Ibbotson

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Polixenes, King of Bohemia, is nearly at the end of his visit to his old friend Leontes, King of Sicilia, but is persuaded y the Queen, Hermoine, to prolong his stay. Leontes takes it into his head that the two of them are guilty of adultery and that the child Hermoine is expecting is not his. He plots to have Polixenes poisoned but Camillo, entrusted with the murder, flees instead with Polixenes to Bohemia. This fuels Leontes' rage: he has Hermione imprisoned and when she gives birth to a daughter he orders the child to be cast out into the wilderness. At Hermoine's trial, the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi declares that she is innocent and Leontes a tyrant who will die without an heir if his child is not found. When news is brought of the death of their other child, the boy Mamilliusm Hermoine collapses with grief. Leontes is then overcome with remorse.

The abandoned daughter, found and brought up by shepards as Perdita, is now sixteen. Florizel, Polixenes' son has fallen in love with her and, believing her to be a humble shepard's daughter, plans to marry her without his father's consent. Polixenes discovers the plan and the young people run away to Sicilia, accompanied by Camillo. At Leontes' court, Perdita's true identity is discovered.

Adrian Noble's acclaimed hit of the 1992 Stratford season comes to Dublin as part of a tour of European Capitals. A fantastic story of love, loss and reconciliation, the production blends passion and laughter as it sails from the courtly splendours of the palace to scenes of rampent comedy.

"There is magic and wonder in this production" THE TIMES "Inspired production...magical...stunning visual effects" THE GUARDIAN "Spellbinding...uproarious comedy" DAILY TELEGRAPH "Thrilling...a glorious treat" TIME OUT
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