Dublin Theatre Festival

Co-Motion Theatre Company

Loco County Lonesome

By Pat McCabe

Venue Olympia Theatre

Directed by Joe O'Byrne
Design by Ian McNicholl
Cast includes Gerald FitzMahony, Pat McGrath, Gavin O'Connor, Flora Montgomery, John McArdle

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Packo Phelan has just got out of prison and decides to go back and visit Moss and Vance in the slaughter house, his two old buddies from his days working there. He brings along Della, the daughter of John Munro the local beef baron. Big John never wanted Della to be going out with Packo, and when Packo in a night of madness stole some of his cattle, he made sure he was put away for some time. Now Packo is home for the showdown and, in a sweltering night in mid-summer when the cooling system in the slaughterhouse has broken down, old scores will be settled in a night of comic howdown passion.



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