Dublin Theatre Festival

Gruppe 38

Hans Christian, You Must Be An Angel

Created by Phillipe LeFebvre, Paolo Cardono, Catherine Poher, Claus Helbo, Bodil Alling, Joakim Eggert, Soren Sondberg, Sille Heltoft, Kim Kirkaby, Arne Fich and Jakob Kirkegaard.

Venue The Ark, A Cultural Centre For Children
Date 3 Oct - 4 Oct 4.00pm
4 Oct 2.00pm
5 Oct 10.15am
5 Oct 12.15pm
Duration 60mins including a short walk to a mystery venue

Cast includes Bodil Alling, Joakim Eggert, Steen Molls Ramussen, Soren Sondberg and Andreas Sandberg.

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09 Hans Christian L

Set in a room dressed for an elegant birthday party, two waiters guide us through two dozen magical place settings, and greet a table of fantastic personalities, each a fairy tale character created by Hans Christian Anderson.

Winner of the Best Children’s Theatre Award in the 2006 Danish Theatre Awards, you are invited to gather around the table for an extraordinary feast for the senses in this innovative mix of theatre, puppetry, film and special effects.

Age 7+

It will blow you away as this one-of-a-kind experience is visually striking, highly unique and not to be missed!


"A kind of mad tea party where plates spin, forks salute and napkins have a life of their own." New York Post
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