Dublin Theatre Festival

Featherhead Productions


Conceived and Directed by Trevor Knight

Venue Main Space at Smock Alley Theatre
Date 27 Sep 3.00pm
28 Sep - 29 Sep 9.00pm
1 Oct - 3 Oct 9.00pm
4 Oct 5.00pm
Duration 1hr

Proudly supported by

'slat' Proudly supported by<br><br>Culture Ireland

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09 slat L

A unique collaboration between some of Ireland’s leading visual, music and theatre artists and internationally renowned performers; slat is a visceral performance piece inspired by the phenomenon of feral/wolf children and their struggle to exist when confronted by the ”normal world”. It explores the dichotomy of nature versus nurture, the language of survival, and how our most primal of senses would act in their rawest states.

Featuring the mesmeric movement of Japanese Butoh dancer Maki Watanabe, design and installation by Alice Maher and Paul Keogan, live music and sound design by Trevor Knight, vocal/electric guitar Rebecca Collins, percussion Robbie Harris, vocal and accordion Julie Feeney and choreography by Gyohei Zaitsu, slat is an intense and unique synthesis of music, dance and live-art.

Audience members are standing throughout the performance.

It will blow you away because slat - the surprise hit of the 2007 Galway Arts Festival - is a strange, hauntingly beautiful music installation unlike anything you have seen before.

"Beautiful and thrilling...an essential experience." RTÉ Radio 1