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The Dead School

By Pat McCabe

Venue Civic Theatre, Tallaght
Date 6 Oct - 10 Oct 8.00pm
Duration 2hrs 25mins

Directed by Padraic McIntyre
Cast includes Sean Campion, Carrie Crowley, Peter Daly, Eamon Owens and Gemma Reeves.

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09 Dead School L

In a new departure, this acclaimed adaptation of Pat McCabe’s much read novel will tour to three suburban theatres during this year’s Festival. Nominated in three categories of the 2008 Irish Times Theatre Awards including Best Production, The Dead School is a titanic clash between the forces of modernism and tradition in 1970’s Ireland.

Raphael Bell, an old style national school teacher, whose life is haunted by images and memories from his past, has devoted his life to upholding all that is traditional, pure and wholesome in the Ireland of Eucharist Congresses. On the other side stands Malachy Dugeon, a first-year teacher and one of the new breed about town, where rock music and Americian movies are king and rules are made to be broken.

When these two men come together, chaos is only round the corner.

It will blow you away because The Dead School is a seamlessly choreographed production from an exciting new director coaxing stunning performances from some of Ireland’s finest actors.

Talking Theatre Members of the company.
Pavilion Theatre. Sept 30, Post-show 10.30pm [approx].

"An extraordinary cast and a wonderful blinding ensemble." The View
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