Dublin Theatre Festival

Pan Pan

The Crumb Trail

Text by Gina Moxley

Venue Project Arts Centre
Date 29 Sep - 3 Oct 7.30pm
3 Oct - 4 Oct 1.00pm
Duration 1hr 15mins

Directed by Gavin Quinn
Design by Aedín Cosgrave
Music by Gordon is a Mime
Cast includes Aoife Duffin, Bush Moukarzel, Gina Moxley and Arthur ORiordan

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09 Crumb Trail L

The death of the Fairy Tale. Can we live in a world without fairy tales?

A stark illumination of the cherished fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, Gina Moxley’s The Crumb Trail explores the isolation that comes from groping for survival in a dark world of technology and greed. Featuring a full suite of the media intrusions that now saturate our daily lives – including live video feed, You Tube clips and internet sex rooms – Pan Pan’s savvy but scared kids are getting lost in a very contemporary forest from which it might not be so easy to return.

No crime has taken place – or has it? Maybe we haven’t noticed or simply don’t care. One of Ireland’s most exciting and provocative theatre companies, re-imagines the most chilling of The Brothers Grimm’s tales.

Contains scenes of an adult nature.

It will blow you away because the long-anticipated Irish première of the latest work from the determinably international Pan Pan may well be the talk of the Festival following successful runs in Berlin, Düsseldorf and New York.

Talking Theatre In conversation with Gavin Quinn.
Oct 1, Pre-show 6.30pm.

"More than any other theater troupe I can think of, Pan Pan finds the soul-muddling angst in the internet age." The New York Times