Dublin Theatre Festival

Hotel Modern


Cast Herman Helle, Pauline Kalker and Arlène Hoornweg.

Venue Samuel Beckett Theatre
Date 29 Sep - 3 Oct 7.30pm
3 Oct - 4 Oct 3.00pm
Duration 1hr

Sound Design by Ruud van der Pluijm, with thanks to Marcel Lugtenborg.
Technicians Saskia de Vries and Joris van Oosterhout.
Set/Puppet makers assistants Cathrin Boer, Heleen Wiemer, Kirsten Hutschemakers, Stefan Gross, Dirk Vroeman, Annette Scheer, Marije de Wit, Florus Groenewegen. Wilco Kwerreveld and Brigid Noone.

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09 Kamp L

An enormous model of Auschwitz takes up the whole stage with crowded huts, a railway line, and a gate with the slogan "Arbeit Macht Frei".

The model of the camp comes to life with thousands of 8cm high hand-made puppets, representing the prisoners and their executioners. The actors, like colossal war correspondents, weave through the scene with hand-held cameras. They film the atrocities. The audience becomes witness.

Not a word is spoken, the audience only experiences the sights and sounds, which transcend the powerlessness of the figures into much more than a mere reporting of events.

Hotel Modern's shows combine animation, puppetry, visual arts and music to astounding effect. In Kamp, they try to imagine the unimaginable, the biggest genocide in history, committed in a specially constructed town.

Proudly supported by Royal Netherlands Embassy, Dublin.

Contains images of an adult nature.

It will blow you away as this uniquely moving and fascinating show manages to re-enact one of the world’s most horrific atrocities with a restrained but arresting dignity.

Talking Theatre Members of the company.
Sept 30, Post-show 9pm [approx].


"The manner in which puppetry and film balance each other is both subtle and ingenious." Trouw