Dublin Theatre Festival

The Ark in association with Dublin Theatre Festival Barabbas... the company


By Veronica Coburn

Venue The Ark, A Cultural Centre For Children

Directed by Veronica Coburn
Cast Amy Conroy, Ruth Lehane, Niamh McGrath, Michael O'Reilly, Karen Scully

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A show for 6-10 year olds, Blowfish is performed by a group of buffoons, otherworldly beings with big bellies and bums, who travel in packs and aren't very good at being individuals unlike the average 6 year old, who is quite happy to be an individual.

Using the seven colours of the rainbow, Blowfish evokes the passions and struggles that come with the individual trying to find his place within the collective.

This piece, based in the physical style for which Barabbas has won so much acclaim, will be a visual treat. Blowfish promises to be a funny, bold and meaningful experience for its audience.

"...from the infectiously manic to the indescribably beautiful ...thrilling acrobatics...brilliantly captures the group dynamics of play..."
Irish Times review of Out The Back Door 1998, Barabbas...the company and The Ark

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