Dublin Theatre Festival

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The Manganiyar Seduction

Directed by Roysten Abel

Venue Gaiety Theatre
Date 24 Sep - 26 Sep 7.30pm
26 Sep - 27 Sep 3.00pm
Duration 1h 20mins

Proudly supported by

'The Manganiyar Seduction' Proudly supported by<br><br>Bord Gáis

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09 Manganiyar Seduction L2

Direct from the deserts of Rajasthan, the Festival is delighted to welcome the most colourful, joyous and inspiring show likely to be seen this year.

Staged by the acclaimed Indian director Roysten Abel, to spectacular effect, over 40 Indian musicians and singers from three generations, present a highly theatrical evening of traditional Indian gypsy music. The Manganiyars, a community of travelling Muslim musicians, traditionally sang before the kings of Rajasthan; and in this unique show, they weave together their deeply rooted and complex history in a rousing array of choreography, song and rhythm, building to a breathtaking climactic finale.

The Manganiyar Seduction was originally created for the opening of the 2006 Delhi Film Festival and has since been taking the world by storm. Don’t miss this chance to see a unique production from one of the world’s most intriguing culture’s in this magical and life-affirming show.

The Manganiyar Seduction is proudly supported by Bord Gáis Energy.

It will blow you away because you'll never have experienced anything quite like The Manganiyar Seduction before, and you may never see anything like it again.

Talking Theatre Roysten Abel and members of the company.
Sept 25, Post-show 9pm.

"Picks up momentum with every cycle of speed until euphoria sets in." The Hindu