Dublin Theatre Festival


Buile Shuibhne / Sweeny

Produced by Paraic Breathneach

Venue Various Locations

Directed by Rod Goodall
Design by Owen MacCarthaigh
Music composed and arranged by John Dunne
Percussive arrangements by Alan Purves
Costume Design by Charmain Goodall
Lighting Design by David Murphy
Artist Ger Sweeney

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Buile Shuibhne/Sweeny is Macnus' version of the story of Suibhne, the 5th century Irish King who is cursed to madness and constant flight by an enraged Abbot after a dispute over land and a site for a church. Images, sounds, emotions and atmospheres: this style of visual presentation depends greatly on live music, clear images and energetic playing to convey the narrative which is totally without words.

The tale of Buile Shuibhne was first written down by one of the best of the later Irish scribes, Daniel O Duigenan of Co. Sligo. the tale dates from the 6th Century and is set in a time of war and conflict between the new order of Christianity and old Gaelic pagen Ireland in 674 AD.

Macnus: Founded in 1986 in Galway, they are a community based arts and theatre compnay and since its foundation Macnus has established itself as one of the most exciting entities in the arts in Ireland. Macnas first came to national attention when Gulliver was washed up on a beach as part of Dublin Milennium celebrations in 1988. They presented Tain at the 1992 Irish Life Dublin Theatre Festival where it won Critics Choice award for best Irish production and it also won a Unesco nomination for Best Performaance at EXO '92. In 1993 Macnus were part of U2's Zooropa tour

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