Dublin Theatre Festival


The Rider
Venue Samuel Beckett Theatre

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Derevo, the Russian emigre theatre company from St. Petersburg brings you on a journey with unique physical images. Their style is deeply rooted in the pantomine history of North, East and West Europe, coming from the middle ages and the mummer theatre, via the comedia dell'arte and Grotowski up until the present day. Derevo spacialise in visual spectacle and this is no exception.

The Rider brings the audience on a journey through his dreams. We are taken via graphic, absurd and erotic images from one dream to another, from an Islamic Fantasy in a bordello to a flying bearded clown in a circus; from dance to circus and back to dance again.

Derevo was formed in 1988 and their first performance of Zone of Red was premiered in Lenningrad. Over the last six years they have toured widley in  Europe, the UK and the US delighting both audiences and critics alike. They first premiered The Rider in Russia in January 1993 and since then have toured with it to the Malta Festival, Sommerfestival Koln and the Simburg Street Festival. This is Derevo's first time to perform in Ireland.

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