Dublin Theatre Festival

Playtime Productions in association with Groundwork

The Risen People

In a new version by Peter and Jim Sheridan

Venue Gaiety Theatre

Directed by Peter and Jim Sheridan
Design by Sally Crabb
Lighting Design by Rick Fisher
Costume Design by Jo Taylor
Cast includes Johnny Murphy, David Herlihy, Tom Hickey, David Willmot and Sean Lawlor

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The play, from which James Plunkett derived his best selling novel, Strumpet City, tells the moving story of Fitz, the foundry foreman, as the momentous events of the 1913 lockout propel himself, and his family to their final destiny. The romance and passion of the Fitzpatricks, the humour and the eloquence of Rashers and Hennessy, the theatrical combination of the Grand Opera with the Dublin street songs of the era all set to the backdrop of a city locked in conflict, make The Risen People, one of the most compelling and entertaining shows ever created for the Dublin Stage.

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