Dublin Theatre Festival


Chamber Music

By Hugh Leonard

Venue Abbey Theatre

Directed by Patrick Mason
Design by Joe Vanek
Lighting Design by Nick Chelton

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Chamber Music comprises of two plays - Senna for Sonny and The Lily Lally Show.

Senna for Sonny is sent in Dublin in 1929. Chas Mangan, married to Roisin and recently returned from a seven year exile, is about to present his new invention for the approval of an old Civil War adversary, who is now Minister for Defence. Much depends on the success of the demonstration, but domestic life must meanwhile go on. Sonny, the Mangan's pride and joy, has not "been" in two days. As Chas concocts a tried-and-true family remedy, other guests appear, and a coming rainstorm stirs poignat memories within Roisin's breast. The cast includes John Olohan, Pauline McLynn, Barbara Brennan, Mark O'Regan, Des Cave, Fedelma Cullen and Alan Barry

The Lilly Lally Show features Mary Munroe, as an old vaudvillian. She insists that she does not audition, and yet here she is on front of an unseen and unknown audience. "Do I get the part?" she asks, only half in jest and what transpires is in spite of herself, an audition. The part or Mary Munroe is played by Barbara Brennan.

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