Dublin Theatre Festival

Chinese State Circus

Chinese State Circus
Venue RDS Shelbourne Hall

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Direct from the People's Republic of China with over 50 Chinese artistes and musicians, the Chinese State Circus  make their first ever visit to Dublin. the Chinese State Circus combines daring acrobatics and tantalising glimpses into Chinese culture over the past 2000 years. Circus acts are interspersed with scenes from Peking Opera, Chinese legends, folk dances and fables. The spectacle, the atmosphere, the charm of the occasion, combine to make this a memorable evening of entertainment.

After a hugely successful tour of Great Britian in 1993, the Chinese State Circus returns to Europe with a completely new show that will leave audiences amazed at the artistry and skill of the young people of China. The troupe includes many silver and gold medal winners from the Chinese Arobatic Festivals, resulting in a troupe of high quality athleticism. Amonst these will be the incredible Wushu Fighters, pretigious gold medal winnners from China's Martial Arts Competitions, whose phenomenal displays of close combat have been choreographed to create an act with almost balletic characteristics. To complement the performance, musicians playing traditional Chinese instruments have been brought over , with music specially composed for the show to create the authentic ambience that made last year's tour such a success.


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