Dublin Theatre Festival

London Stage Company

Issei Ogata

One-Man Show by Issei Ogata

Venue Samuel Beckett Theatre

Directed by Yuzo Morita

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Issei Ogata "the man of a thousand faces" is Japans No 1 satirist, a cult figure famous for his unique one-man show that brilliantly and ruthlessly exposes the entire Japenese race.

At 42, Ogata is a national icon, renowned for his heart-wrenching, side-splitting interpretations of the overwrought Japanese everyman. His skits are populated with upstanding citizens who have been pushed too far, squeezed too hard, crammed once to often in a jam-packed subway. It is a world in which people, teetering on the verge of revolt, divorce, defiance...chicken out. A culture of exasperated salarymen suffering from too much booze, lack of sleep and not enough fun.

Ogata gives is a glimpse of the nightmare of capitalism , using an almost magical control over his body and a direct and expressive form of physical theatre to bring the man (or woman) in the street to life.

Ogata's scope is breathtaking, and no-one is spared his penetrating observation. Characters range from barmen to classical musicians, salesmen to bankrupt company presidents, religious zealots to pimps, politicians to housewives on a night out.

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