Dublin Theatre Festival


Fixing Bill Haley

By Ken Bourke

Venue Various Locations

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Gavin and his friends, Jackie and Tony, are supposed to be studing for their Leaving, but spend most of the time working in the local pub and hanging out in Gavin's back shed. They discover a pile of old records from the 50s and 60s , which provide a musical backdrop to the intrigues of missing bottles of vodka and a romantic traingle. 

After one particulatly late and rowdy night, Gavin's mother makes him quit his job and grounds him. Confined to the shed, bored and listless, Gavin discovers bits of an old rocking chair, christened  "Bill Haley", which he begins to assemble. Against opposition from his mother and his friedns, he becomes engaged in the task of making the chair.

Fixing Bill Haley marks Ken Bourke's second collaboration with TEAM - in 1993 he wrote the very successful play The Wall.

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