Dublin Theatre Festival

Very Special Arts / City Arts Centre

No Need to Argue

By Pupils of Pobalscoil Neasain, Baldoyle, Dublin

Venue Various Locations

Directed by Gerry Morgan
Design by Kieran McNulty

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Winning play of the Young Playwrights Programme 1995

No need to argue? Well there is when Da loves Ma, Gran hates Da and 16 year old Declan is just fed up with the whole set up. Between disputes, life goes on in the Kelly household until a member of the household is diagnosed as having Alzhimers, an unforseen development which has a significant effect on the family. No Need to Argue is a moving and insighful look at how one Dublin family deals with the onset of Alzheimers in their midst.

The Young Playwrights' Programme is designed primarily to raise awareness of disability and encourage new, young playwrighting talent.

Very Special Arts is an international organisation founded by Jean Kennedy Smith in 1974, creating access to the arts for people with disabilities worldwide.

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