Dublin Theatre Festival

Teater Figur

A Peaceful Man

By Torun Lian

Venue Samuel Beckett Theatre

Directed by Anne Mali Saether
Music by Nils Petter Molvaer
Design by Gilles Berger
Puppetry Kirsti Ladegard
Lighting Design by Gilles Berger & Boya Bockmann
Translator Julian Garner

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"He who escapes from reality by sleeping it away, may possibly be in his full right to do so, but is sentenced to death"

Lacking the capability of taking responsibility for many events of life, Mr Plume sleeps his life away, hoping that things will pass by themselves, if he just rests a little. The story of Plume - the peaceful man - takes place in a surrealistic border-land where reality and dream occasionally float together. As for Plume himself, he is not always sure whether what happens is actually real or just part of a dream. Walls are lifted and vanish, chairs fly in the air, floors break open and even Plume's own body shows signs of dissolving.

Teater Figur was established in Oslo in 1990 by graduates of the Riks theatre, a school for puppeteers in Norway. they specialise in puppetry performances aimed solely at adults and an important ingrediant in their work is collaboration with artists from other media. The concepts for their shows are developed by the group themselved as part of a long precess which includes working with international artists.

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