Dublin Theatre Festival

Bob Downe

Bob Downe
Venue Olympia Theatre

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He is man with that winning acrylic look... He is Style (with a capital S) with that fab seventies wardrobe. He is the Airfix hairstyle... He is here to tantalise and tickle you with those showbiz songs and that punchy wit.

Australian Bob Dowe can remember the seventies better than most of us. He can dance as Brotherhood of Men could dance. he has the most horrible outfits, the most terrible grin and a way with the line "If you like making love at midnight" (from The Pina Colada Song) to make thirtysomethings squirm and twentysomethings howl, because they weren't there the first time round.

Downe is a singing, dancing, grinning, prancing, living Ken doll. he says je has a smooth plastic bump within his gussett. He sits on his Dave Allen Memorial Comedy Stool beneath a spinning disco mirror ball ans runs through the camp cultural icons: Joan Collins, Richard and Judy, Cliff Richard... He says he is a Daytime personality. He says he has an international Daytime look. He says that international Daytime TV people are a very close-knit community because we "can't tell each other apart."

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