Dublin Theatre Festival


An Evening with Queen Victoria

Devised and Directed Katrina Hendrey

Venue Gaiety Theatre

Performed by Prunella Scales
Tenor Ian Partridge
Music by Richard Burnett
Presented by Clarion / Seven Muses

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In this remarkably VIctorian evening, we catch a glimpse of Queen Victoria drawn from her own words - her diaries, letters and other writings, ranging from the old lady in her last days at Osborne, remembering her past, to the young princess, as an impestuous girl hating lessons and loveing the Opera and dancing.

Above it all presents Victoria as a contradictory and sometimes suprising person: at once vivid and emotional, yet nervous and unself-confident; puritanical yet pleasure loving, proud but with wide human sympathies. Most enduring is her own honesty and her trenchant and humerous response to events and people, highlighting the succession of relationships with male figures including King Leopold, Lord Melbourne, Prince Albert, John Brown and her Indian servents, and Disraeli.

In partnership with British tenor, Ian Partrudge, they capture the spirit of the era including performances of works by Schumann, Rossini and Sullivan.

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