Dublin Theatre Festival

Infrarouge Théâtre, Quebéc


Written, directed and performed by Marie Brassard

Venue Samuel Beckett Theatre

Proudly supported by

'Jimmy' Proudly supported by<br><br>Québec

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Do the people we dream of exist in another world? Jimmy is a character of pure fiction - half man, half woman, half dream, half invention. Born into the dreams of an American General, he finds himself trapped in the imagination of an actress who has made him the centre of her performance of love, desire and creation.

One of Robert Lepage's close collaborators over the past decade, Marie Brassard has in this unlikely story made the character of imagination the vehicle for an actress instead of the reverse.

The performance is based on Brassard's own dreams, exploring her sexual fantasies and dreams of transformation. It takes us on a journey to the subconscious realm of forbidden desire.

Performed in English

With the support of The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Jointly produced with Festival de Théâtre des Amériques

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