Dublin Theatre Festival

Les Deux Mondes

The Tale of Teeka

By Michel Marc Bouchard

Venue Samuel Beckett Theatre

Directed by Daniel Meilleur
Cast includes Yves Dagenais, Alain Fournier, Patricia Leeper and Michel Ribidoux

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A tender yet cruel story, certain to overwhelm any spectator, young or old, The Tale of Teeka is an example of the precious gift that live theatre can give to a contemporary audience.

In Michel Marc Bouchard's heart-breaking play, Maurice, an adult narrator, draws the audience back with him to 1955, to relive his childhood on the family farm and to watch his relationship with his pet goose.

As a fairytale for both adults and children it possesses great poetic force, while its dramatic substance goes straight to the heart. Text, action, set and music - everything combine in this unique show to portray the darker side of human relationships.

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